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Indie Review: Andheron Se Baatein by Psychology Project

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It’s hard to pinpoint any specific element as such but there’s something
about Psychology Project’s new single that has a 2000s Indian indie
sound, back when bands like Strings and artists like KK were dominating
independent rock music. That way, the sound is nostalgic but still
doesn’t sound outdated. The lyrics are relevant with the lead singer
contemplating on the downward spirals of life that would lead us all to
talk to nothing but just the darkness every once in a while. The vocals
are raw and pure, and the cherry on the top is a classic guitar riff, again
in the style of 2000s.

These days, either Indie songs are turning electronic or wavy in
production or are going down the fully stripped-down acoustic road.
Andheron Se Baatein on the other hand would remind one of their
college rock band days. As mentioned before, it does give off a few
nostalgic vibes.

The visuals are decent enough with comic-book style cel-shaded
animation. All in all, the song is something different for the indie rock scene. Psychology Project does show some promise for its future projects.

Verdict: Psychology Project’s Andheron Se Baatein isa successful ‘project’ indeed

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