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Indie music review: Dastaan by The Engineers

Reviewer Rating:

As far as debuts go, this band out of Noida is fine. The problem is that when using the word fine in this regard, you are reminded more of the lasagna that you didn’t order but don’t mind eating, rather than the unmatchable wines of Napa Valley.

Ostensibly, Dastaan does not give you a reason for complaint; the music is varied and the themes are relatable, it’s clear that the band has worked hard to craft their two song debut.

However, you are left fumbling for the kick that cements a piece of music as worthy of memory. You sit through a couple of listens, but there is no je ne sais quoi nestled amidst the ambitiously structured melodic fanfare. Nothing jumps out to establish a distinctive sound for The Engineers. You respect the technical gymnastics, but are hard-pressed to savour any sentimental aftertaste. You are haunted by the sensation that you have heard all of it somewhere before. Proficiency is adequate, but the songs have not been branded with personal identity. If anything, it feels like overwrought effort – the child of eager but unconvinced parents.

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