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Interview with Lucy Rose during her India tour!

Tell us about the kind of music you play

I guess I play country, folk, singer-songwriter styles of music with a little twist of soul in there.

What inspires your music?

Everything that is around me. Even this conversation with you in a way, these questions. Everything that makes you think in general, books, films. I guess it’s hard to know what filters through and what doesn’t filter through when it comes to song writing.

How has your trip been in India? What has been your best moment?

The whole trip has been the best so far. I guess meeting the fans after the gig. Playing the gig is always amazing but meeting the people and interacting with those that open up to me and tell me why music is important to them or what they’re thinking about. That’s great.

What role do you think technology plays in today’s music?

I think technology plays a huge role in music. Good and bad I think. The great thing is you can make an album anywhere you want, in your bedroom even. Technology has got so much better that you don’t really need to have an expensive studio. I recorded in the producer Tim’s living room, which is amazing. Although the bad thing is that you rely on it too much. Like why play the drums on the record when you can program it to sound perfectly right, and I feel like you tend to lose human emotion and feel that you get when musicians play together.

What’s your message to singer-songwriters and readers of the magazine?

The most important thing is the song, more than anything. You don’t need to have a voice that is necessarily perfect. Some of my favorite voices are like Neil Young and Nico, and maybe if they were on X Factor or any of these talent programs you know what would happen. It’s really about the song and connecting people through your writing so just keep practicing, be determined and don’t lose faith.

What do you think is your unique selling point?

My unique selling point is that I don’t have any. I don’t enter that world where I really need to sell my music or myself. I find it every hard to think of myself as a product or a brand that I must sell to make money, cause that’s not why I’m here or why I make music. I just want to make people happy with music.

This interview was featured in our June 2017 issue:

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