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In conversation with Sudarsan, Chairperson, CSR & Fund Raising at Rotary Club of Madras, East on Idli Soda Fusion Music Festival, Chennai

Chennai is going to witness a fun music festival with amazing live acts and a whole lot of workshops, food and much more.

We had a chat with Sudarsan, Chairperson, CSR & Fund Raising at Rotary Club of Madras, East on the festival and what to expect.

First things first, why the name Idli Soda? The name is very close to Madras itself but we would like to hear from you if there is a back story to it.
We were “thinking aloud” on a lot of names for the fusion music festival. We wanted it to be quirky but meaningful, short but representative. We thought about – what is truly Chennai? IDLI is truly Chennai and also one of the purest forms of cooked food. Soda is an adulterant but makes anything that it mixes with tastier, more likeable and brings in the fizz.

What better choice than this to reflect Fusion Music ? It fit into everything that we wanted in a name and we have to thank Rajeev Vijaykumar of Center Court events for coming up with it.

How did the idea of putting together a music festival come about?

At RCME, we wanted to create a property that we could capitalize on a yearly basis for raising funds for our projects. It must be flexible, in with the times and also allow the opportunity to entertain a large set of audience. We realized that Fusion Music is really on the upswing and there was no Fusion Music Festival in Chennai, considered to be capital of Music as well as the best beaches in the country.

Chennai is also considered to be a laggard, conservative, a little boring and not much to do kind of a city by many outside Chennai. With this Fusion Music festival, we want to put Chennai on the map of the Fusion Music lovers across the country, get the bands the opportunity to perform in front of a knowledgeable audience. Amplify independent music, create a larger base of music fans and get Chennai as the destination for Independent music and specifically Fusion Music.

How has the response been so far and how do you expect it to turn out?

Everyone from artists to bands to technologists to sponsors have all welcomed the idea, appreciated the thought and are eagerly awaiting the D Day. We expect Chennai to raise to the occasion and show their love for music, love for good times and let their hair down to some of the finest musicians in the Fusion Music. We expect a large crowd for both days.

What were some of the main criteria you had while choosing the line up? We love the line up as it has a mixed bag of genres.

We wanted to be an eclectic mix of genres. That we were very clear. SKRAT helped us put these bands together after a detailed understanding of what we wanted. Thanks to SKRAT for this line up.

Three reasons you think one must attend the festival.

We are getting together some of the best bands in the country on Fusion Music that no music lover should miss.
We are having over 20 cuisines and a décor that will be an ideal place for spending a weekend
Most people in Chennai only aspire to go to Goa or to Bengaluru and attend a concert. Its right here at VGP ……Give yourself the experience of listening to LIVE MUSIC – Fusion Music – Independent Music – a live musical experience is an out of the world experience. No recording can come anywhere close to it.

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In conversation with Sudarsan, curator of Idli Soda Fusion Music Festival, Chennai

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