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In conversation with Leslie Lewis

Ahead of Leslie’s gig at The Stables, we had a chat with him about his new releases, upcoming projects and more.

What’s on your set list for the gig?

A Super Mix of my Classic Hits like: Krishna – Pari Hoon Ma – Yaaron Dosti – Pal etc.
Some Songs from my New Album – PAISE KI MAA KI AANKH
And some cool Bollywood Hits done in my own style.

Any new release coming up?
Yes currently working on a new Album .. Where I have composed the Music AND the Lyrics in Hindi 🙂

Upcoming projects and collaborations you’d like to talk about
I’m in the process of creating a really cool Modern Folk Music album where I Sing and Feature some really fab Young Artists from around the Country.

Your view on the current music scene in India
Great for Business .. Looking forward to add My Flavour in the mix.

If there is something you’d like to change in the industry, what would it be?
The industry is already Rocking .. why would I want to change anything? .. Change will happen on its own when required.

Artists you’d like to collaborate with
I’m Good .. If any Artist wants to collaborate with me I’m totally open and happy to do so!

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