In conversation with Dolly Rateshwar, Co-Founder- The Dharavi Project – Score Short Reads

In conversation with Dolly Rateshwar, Co-Founder- The Dharavi Project

Tell us about the start of The Dharavi Project

A hip-hop movement since 2014 running in the bylanes of Dharavi (Asia’s 2nd largest Ghetto) for the last 5yrs as one of the very 1st #AfterSchoolofHiphop (completely free fee structure) across the world where domestic violence, influence of alcohol and smoking up is a strong culture ‘distracting’ the under-resourced talent towards the nuances of the society. We have 7 instructors (artists from HipHop community ) who teach sub-elements of Hip-Hop to our emerging talent guiding them, nurturing and helping them get a sense of direction in the life of an artist. 

From MC heam (Rap instructor- MTV Hustle contestant) to BBOY Vikram(breaking instructor- started as a student and is now an instructor), D-Cypher(Beatboxer – lead voice in GullyBoy movie), Insane strokes and Gauri (Graffiti & Street ARt), DJ Spindoc and his crew for Deejaying and Abhijay Sharma (Music  production instructor). Classes are conducted 6 days a week at our school in Dharavi. 

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