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In conversation with Dinkar Pathak, Co-Founder & CEO, Acoosta Innovations

What was your idea behind the product and what were you trying to achieve?

Music has always been an important part of my family get-togethers, most evenings my children used to dance to Justin Bieber. They would eagerly wait for me to come home every day from office to stream their favorite songs from my phone as it was the only device we used to listen to music from our Bluetooth speakers but with constant calls and messages from colleagues, we usually had to stop the dancing and singing sessions so I could attend to calls and answer my texts, one day while we were having a jamming session and I received a call from a friend, I realized that there has to be a better way to listen to music that is easily accessible by all- from my mother to my children. That is when the idea of Acoosta struck me. My kids always had the complaint that they could not listen to their music without being in front of the TV as did not know how to operate any of streaming apps. It is safe to say that my children are the inspiration behind Acoosta. After which I approached Mr.Neeraj Sethi, an industry
veteran and my mentor with this idea. This wasn’t the first time I had presented a new business model to him, but nothing seemed to impress him before Acoosta. He really liked the idea and thought that this new age device had a lot of potential. Neeraj and I then joined forces to create Acoosta Innovations.

As per our initial research, we realized that we need a device in the market that has the best of music for all ages/moods/genres that could independently play music without any connections. We wanted to provide consumers a quality audio product that offers an immersive listening experience so users with quality music and easy access. Our multi-functional music system is platform agnostic, provides value for money and delivers best in class sound output backed with built in music by the biggest music publisher in the world – SONY DADC.

Could you tell us a little bit more about the unique qualities of the product?

Acoosta Uno is a high-fidelity music system with built-in content to provide an immersive listening experience at the touch of a button without any Internet or Bluetooth connection. It is a music machine that has a plethora of options to listen to music and also sing along with popular songs. The device is Powered with Music by Sony DADC, Acoosta Uno comes preloaded with 14,000+ Songs across 200+ Playlists from over 1000+ Artists with 50+ Genres & Moods that are super curated by experts. Consumers can also explore music via Bluetooth, USB, FM and Aux inputs and has fully functional Karaoke functionality. We are very proud to state that no other music system currently in the market can offer all these features in a single unit and that’s what makes our product unique compared to any other product.

How has the response been so far and what do people like the most about it?

The response we have gathered through our research is that our speaker has been great both from the trade and customers. Consumers are really happy with the quality of sound, the built-in music library and are thoroughly enjoying the karaoke functionality. Some call it a modern day portable “jukebox” whereas some are call it the “singing machine”. We have reached out to more than 1000+ customers personally to gather feedback and got great reviews. Customers are now sending us their song recordings, party photos, kids dancing videos to show us how they have been using the Acoosta Uno.

In an age where competition is high and so many such products are being launched, how do you
think your product stands out?

The whole idea around having the most iconic music across various genres (English + Hind) preloaded on the device and offering a fully functional karaoke system makes our product stand out amongst other industry competitors. Our product is unique in the audio category as no other portable speaker in our price range that packs the punch that our speakers deliver, offer inbuilt music and also fully functional karaoke system with a
recording feature.

What is your take on the current music consumption by people?

The personal music space has been liberated with the advent of streaming apps, so people are listening to music while in office/transit or gym on their smartphones. People want to listen to music casually but are tied up in their schedules, stress and personal devices. Background music at homes while cooking, relaxing or playing with kids is non-existent. A lot of consumers set up a nice stereo in living room or home theatre in a bedroom but never seems to be in that room listening to music as another device is always required. Music consumption will continue to rise albeit consumers are not willing to pay for music.

Your message to people who haven’t experienced your products yet?

If you an audiophile, music lover, a singer, a casual listener or a tech geek, you need to get an Acoosta Uno home. Acoosta Uno is the best music hub available in the market which lets you listen to music and sing along. You will love the pre-loaded selections and appreciate the sound quality.

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