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In conversation with Monica Dogra: Naraye Mastana

Indie music Diva Monica Dogra recently came out with her independent music video Naraye Mastana. We had a chat with her on the video, upcoming projects and more.

How did this song idea come about? 

Actually, Times Music approached me with the idea.  I loved the idea and immediately took on the challenge/opportunity.  I just got into the studio and let myself live with the track.  I kept writing and re-writing until I had something that felt right.  My producer, Abhimanyu Malhotra, was by my side as well helping me to realize the idea of creating a club tune – with the lyrical themes that represent what “Naraye Mastana” means to me.

Most exciting moment while shooting the music video? 

The most incredible aspect of this music video was working with such an internationally renowned team.  My producer, Marc Chenail, produced “Blurred Lines”, music videos for Miley Cyrus, Justin Beiber, Missy Elliott.  Also, my director, RA Dreyfus, had such an innovative mind.  It truly was her vision for the song that everyone sees.  Beyond that, my stylist, Adolfo Sanchez, has dressed some of Hollywoods most famous, such as, Khloe Kardashian.  My choreographer, Zojea Ezike, has toured with Beyonce.  So it really was a powerhouse of a collaboration.  It would take me another few pages to give you the credentials of my cast and dancers.  I feel really blessed that they all contributed to this work.

What makes the song special?  

I think we found that special sweet spot between commercial music and indie.  We also found a sweet spot between English and Hindi.  It was important to me to bridge those markets with this work.  I’m really happy that it is being so well received!

How long did it take to make this video?  

We shot it in one day.  And after that, the edit took about ten days, and the grade another few days.  From start to finish, less than a month!

The idea/ concept behind the song 

The idea was to make a hit dance song.  But, as far as what I was trying to say with what I wrote goes….I feel like music is how I connect with my inner God…pursuing union is why I make art.  The song is about being a wanderer, a nomad, a recluse, a drunkard, a wayward outcast…because the longing for something higher is so strong you are willing to forsake anything and everything.  But, at the end of the day, you feel like nothing can quench your thirst.  You will always be hungry.  That is exactly how I feel.  Every day.  All the time.

Your favorite part of the song and why? 

My favourite part is the dub bridge.  “I drink too much wine…and every time I cry…I blame it on the rain…and everything is fine….if I don’t speak my mind…. How long can this be ok?  And oh how I lose myself in two….get lost between polarities…it’s over too soon….and I must confess…I’ve got nothing figured out yet….”  It culminates all the examination in the song…and musically….dub is my favorite!

Upcoming projects

I will be releasing my own album very soon.  Global Bass.  A sound I have been working on for a year now.  And it is definitely a reinvention.

The finale of fear factor is coming soon!  The stage season 3!  My EP will be releasing and I will be touring for the first time in a long time.

Message to the readers 

It’s been a long road for me.  This is the first time I have topped the charts.  Being in the top ten of the pop charts…my music video hitting over 1.4 million organic views in less than a week….I just want to tell all you readers that sometimes it takes a bit longer to walk the unpaved path….but with patience and perseverance…glory is inevitable.  And I am so grateful to all of you for supporting me and my music.  All my love.  For real.


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