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In conversation with an Indian band that dedicated a song to Pakistan!

We had a chat with Vox Chord, the band that recently dedicated a song for Pakistan’s 70th Independence Day!

Tell us about your band
Vox Chord is all about Acapella arrangements involving vocals.We mainly create covers of songs which we really admire, and involve musicians and vocalists across all genres.

What inspired you to come up with the song for Pakistan when our Independence day is just a day later?
We have been following the Facebook page ‘Voice of Ram’ which features a lot of work on India-Pakistan peace and peace in general. This is just our contribution to it. As for our national anthem, it was in fact one of the earliest acapella arrangements which we released 3 years ago and it was quite well received. We plan to release a newer version of the same tonight.

Did you expect to get very viral in such a short span of time?
Any artist would like his/her work to reach as many people as possible. We are happy it got noticed.

What new music can we expect from the band in the neat future?
Our motto and inspiration remain the same, to work on varied arrangements and create good music. We will continue doing that.

Tell us the people involved in the making of this song and how.
Ram from the ‘Voice of Ram’ Facebook page helped us in promoting the video. The song was sung by members of our band Voxchord, Vandhana Mazan, Vagu Mazan, Vaishnavi Kannan, Balasubramanian, Brainard David
and Alex Samuel Jenito. The music was arranged by Alex Samuel Jenito and the video for the song was directed by Bharadwaj who also came up with the concept.

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