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Imaginarive, intense and innovative: Linkin Park’s Iridescent


After the enormous success of the previous two Transformers soundtracks, it was a no-brainer to bring back Linkin Park for the third installment “Transformers: Dark of the Moon”.

Linkin Park’s ground breaking soundtracks for the first two installments of the Transformers movies, made them the obvious choice for the 3rd movie. With powerful vocal lines and energy packed rhythm sections, the song Iridescent from their album Thousand Suns album does fail to impress. 

On June 3rd, the band went ahead and digitally released the video for Iridescent. The video, an interplay between the band’s own recreation of The Last Supper and scenes from The Transformers, combines to convey an intense and cloudy mood all-around.

Speaking to MTV Mike said, “As we’ve gone on, the videos have gotten more abstract(and) I kind of like that. I’ve been encouraging it with Joe, because..the stuff that goes on his head is really interesting and really fun, and I think it probably comes from the fact he grew up reading a lot of comics, watching anime, those things. Especially in a video like this, you can tell the influences are there.”

The band will be performing at Red Square in Moscow for the premiere of the film on June 23. 

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