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How to Record Voice Overs properly? – Score Short Reads

Voice overs are a very important part of videos. A good voice over can take a well made video to the next level. We need to make sure we use it in the highest quality possible.

There are some tools, equipment, techniques, and care that ensure that the voice enhances the listener’s experience.

The use of voice needs to make sense within the strategy outlined in relation to content. For example, people react different to a male voice when compared to a female voice. The demeanour of the voice over also plays a role in how people perceive the content.

3 Key Factors About Voice Over for Videos

1. Build a narrative

Communication must take into account the user experience in all its moments and stages, and videos must also fulfill their role in the listener’s journey.

Creating a narrative is a way of involving people, bringing them closer to the experiences that we want to convey to them and generating empathy. In this context, the locution will serve to tell the story to the listeners, drawing them towards what is presented in the video.

2. Develop a rhythm of speech

A very hasty speech can make it difficult to understand. On the other hand, one that is too slow can distance the viewer.

Therefore, when recording the audio, it is necessary to use an adequate rhythm so that each word is understandable. Punctuation requires special care, so as not to affect the meaning of the sentences.

Thus, ideally, a standard rhythm is adopted for the speech. You can test it with your audience to ensure their understanding is adequate. It is worth remembering that the rhythm, as well as the language, will have to adapt to the characteristics of your buyer persona. For example, there will be cases where it is appropriate to use jargon and abbreviations and others where it is not.

3. Record audio as clean and clear as possible

Audios are very sensitive to noise when recording. Therefore, it will be important to find an acoustic environment that reduces the possibility of unwanted noise.

Some editing programs can treat the audio and lessen the impact of noise, but it is always difficult to remove it completely. Therefore, it is worth doing everything possible to guarantee maximum quality when capturing the voiceover, thus avoiding any type of negative impact in the end.

Here you should make sure that you have good quality equipment: a microphone and an audio mixing console or a recorder. It’s great if all the components are properly seated and if there is no bad contact between the cables, which can also cause noise during the acquisition.

3 tips to make a good voice over in videos

1. Drink lots of water

The voice can be impaired when we are not well hydrated. And since water reduces hoarseness, coughing, and throat clearing at the time of recording, don’t forget to have a glass of water nearby.

2. Use a sympathetic tone and stay calm

A sympathetic voiceover is more attractive to listeners. To achieve this tone in your communication, smile while recording the audio. It is the smile that will help you convey enthusiasm.

Be patient, avoid recording the voice over hastily. Set aside time to make several attempts. And since there are few cases in which the audio comes out right the first time, don’t get carried away by nervousness and run it again.

3. Simulate a conversation

You can use your imagination to improve the voice over. For example, think that you are in a conversation with a friend or colleague. This way, what you say will sound more natural and at a calmer pace.

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