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How to Make Your Own Pedalboard- Score Gear Talk

Pedals contribute a lot to an electric guitar’s sound. The more advanced you get on the electric guitar, the more pedals you might want to utilize in your guitar playing. Managing all of your precious pedals and using them requires a pedalboard. If you pick up pedalboards off market shelves, they might end up burning a deep hole in your pocket. Thankfully, we are here to help you save a lot of cash by telling you how you can make your own pedalboard. It isn’t really very difficult and it’s something all guitarists should know how to do.


The first thing you need to know to build this custom accessory is how many effects pedals you are going to use. From the quantity, you will determine more or less the size of the pedalboard you need. The next thing in this aspect is to take into account if you are going to put it inside a briefcase or not, because then you need the base to be exactly the measurements of the interior of the said briefcase.

We recommend looking for a metal briefcase, the kind that can be found for cheap on online stores such as Amazon and Flipkart or stores that sell tools and objects for DIY.


Now it’s time to decide which model you want, the steps to follow in the assembly of how to make a homemade pedalboard will vary a little based on the design that you have considered. One is a single-level, nearly flat surface with slots for cable routing. Another option is almost the same as the previous one, but with a slightly higher level, which makes it quite comfortable to use, and the other option you can choose is to make it inclined, which might make it easier to use during a live performance.


Now among the steps of how to make a homemade pedalboard, it’s time to choose the material with which you are going to make it. Wood is most frequently used, but it is not mandatory, what is necessary is that you use something that is resistant enough to withstand stomping, not only yours but those of those who may step on it by accident.

You will also need tools such as a jigsaw or an electric drill, quite a wide velcro, hammer and nails for wood, glue and paint. The boards can be cut from the corresponding measurements directly in the place where you buy them.


Now we only have to assemble. It will be the longest step in our process of how to make a homemade pedalboard, but it is quite fast and simple. First join the wooden slabs with nails and special wood glue, leaving space between them to pass the cables or first make holes with the jig that are wide enough to pass the cables through there.

If you have chosen to make it a double decker, remember to set aside a longer space where the second level does not reach, so you can put a wah or volume pedal if you want to use it. Once the glue has dried, apply a coat of paint and let it dry, then apply a second coat to make the color more uniform.

Once this process is finished, it only remains to glue the velcro to the wood and the pedals. That will make it easier for you to change them and keep them in place when using your new pedalboard. And now you’ve learned how to make a homemade pedalboard and it’s ready for you to put it in your metal case and transport it wherever you go to play your electric guitar.

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