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Hot Problems: Worst Song Ever?

Gather around children, its now time to acquaint ourselves with a little-known, but incredibly complex real world issue: the problems of being attractive.

There comes a time in every person’s life, no matter how optimistic, when he loses all faith in humanity. I believe that day is today. I mean, usually, when I fart, rainbows and cupcakes come out. But then I happened to chance upon this:

[youtube_video id=__HeE6NWmDE]

This song, written and performed by Drew Garrett and Lauren Willey, is widely being touted as the worst song ever. Remember the last worst song ever? Let me refresh your memory

[youtube_video id=kfVsfOSbJY0]

But this one, if anything, is a tad bit worse than Friday.

Now my problem is not with song itself (ok, it is, but more importantly) but with the trend. Has it come to this finally? From now on, shall we, on every month, have a new contender for the worst song ever? And shall millions of people flock to it, to spectacle the crappitude, to ridicule and dissect the purveyors? 

Look, we already have shit like India’s Got Talent and MTV roadies on the telly, where people watch the absolute worst of humanity, just to feel better about themselves. Let us atleast keep the internet clean. (Relatively clean I mean, please do not mistake me and launch a crusade against porn. Pornography is the way to the future, brothers.)

My usual stance on freedom of expression is that it should be absolute. But then again, absolute freedom means absolute freedom to do this:

[youtube_video id=__HeE6NWmDE]


Incase you’d forgotten.

So maybe, you know, uh tone it down a bit, and have these chicks shut up. 

And they aren’t even actually hot. PHBBBT.

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