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HOOK from Mumbai on their band, music and more.

HOOK is a five-piece band with a big sound, one which believes in music that is a throwback to simpler times. ​It is where​ what you hear on the record is what you get live – music from the heart; without additions, without frills. With the final aim being to create music that is simple, honest, and in the end, immersive.
Tell us about your music and what makes it stand out
We live in a time where samples rule. We’re not saying that’s necessarily a good or a bad thing but it’s a facet that in some way makes everything sound slightly similar to what you may have heard. Before this era, it was all about ‘plug and play’. As HOOK, we’re trying to create a sound that feels the same live as it does on record. More on that when we release our first EP, which should be somewhere in the first quarter next year.
What’s on your set list for your Mumbai gig?
Before our setlist, let us tell you what the ‘set’ in itself is. It’s called ‘Letters From Seattle’, a tribute to the big five from Seattle who kick-started the grunge wave. We’re playing some of the biggest hits from these bands namely Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and the underdog Stone Temple Pilots, which by now may have given you a rough idea of what the set has in store.
Your favorite song of your own and why? 
We’d collectively say Blank Spaces. In a nutshell, the song is about depression and how it gnaws at us whether we know it or not. Theoretically, its one of the weirdest chord structure and vocal melody penned by the vocalist Gaurav Banerjee. Weird because it doesn’t follow the the typical rules of theory and is just a piece that sounded right. It’s one of the softer songs in our catalogue, but us being us, we couldn’t not add a loud part towards the tail end of the song. 
How did the band name come about?
This was one topic where everyone had their personal favourites laid on the table. After a lot of deliberation, we settled on Hook, brainchild of drummer Pushkar Joshi for two main reasons. It is our attempt to feature a ‘hook’, a part you take back home with you in your head, on each song we write. Also, Indian band Zero’s first album name may or may not have played a massive role. P.S. As a band, we absolutely adore Zero.
Your message to our readers
 There’s no cool or uncool music. Whatever you listen to and support is only as cool as you make it and want it to be. And please, can we just keep our opinions aside, because EVERYONE is a critic in the age of the Internet, put on some headphones and just listen to music, whatever it may be? After all, isn’t that the primary purpose? Learn to absorb different kind of music and you will have perspective to a lot of things.
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