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Home-grown goodness: Indie Music review by Layer Music Project

Floating (LAYER Music Project and K.C. Loy)
When reviewing Layer Music Project previously, the one quality that kept emerging was fascination. Chaitanya Bulusu’s music attempts to indulge in preconceived narratives, even though the connection between the tale and the sound might not always seem obvious. Nonetheless, there is always enough to ponder on.
With K.C. Loy, Bulusu doubles down on a solid story line. Ominosity reigns, and the motif of confused abandonment of the senses is well-shaped by the accompanying video. Its hard to say much about the content of the tale, since both song and video are short, almost cursory. Less than 3 minutes long, it plays out like a quick dream of some proto-Freudian liminal state. The repetition attempts to achieve a hypnotic edge, but ends before its effect can be truly exploited. Its uses its vagueness to leave eyebrows raised, but does the suggested story no disservice. Like Bulusu’s previous work, the track would possibility fit well into some New-Age psychodrama if it was longer.

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