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Highonscore and IndiaBeats : Akon Contest Results

We recently teamed up with IndiaBeats to give tickets for the Akon Live in Bangalore Concert. For those who couldn’t make it, we bring to you the event snapshots!

Our contest was based on the first line of the song “Just Dance” by Colby Odonis and Lady Gaga (“True, The Red One, Konvict , Ga Ga .. oh oh eh”)

We asked 3 questions, for those who are dying(or not) to know the answers, here they are!

The Red One is Nadir Khayat, Konvict is Akon and Gaga is well, of course the one and only Lady Gaga.

We congratulate Manoj Alexander who was able to guess all three! Oh if you didn’t know, Manoj has his own wicked rap group Low-Rhyderz in Bangalore and regularly tours with pop sensation Lucky Ali!

We are going to be tying up with IndiaBeats for more awesomeness in the coming days! So stay tuned.

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