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Hellwind at Hard Rock Cafe Worli

Hellwind 1 Hellwind2

In the immortal words of AC/DC- ‘Rock n’ roll ain’t noise pollution, rock n’ roll ain’t gonna die’. United by their love for wailing guitars, pounding drums, leather and the spirit of the 80s, Hellwind is a motley crew of musicians from Mumbai who love to rock n’ roll. Hailing from various veteran bands around Mumbai (Demonic Resurrection, Workshop, Spook, Reptilian Death, Funk The System, Colossus, Apollonian Quest, Zephyr), the members of the band have trained under the tutelage of the various Gods of Rock and take immense pleasure in showcasing their wizardry before you. So expect the theatrics of KISS, the hooks of Def Leppard, the melodies of Poison, the groove of Van Halen and the banshee wails of Judas Priest. Moreover, since the band is on an eternal quest to turn everything they touch into a riffalicious masterpiece, expect their own spin on popular commercial hits as well.

Event Details

Venue : HRD Worli

Date : 3rd march

Time : 8:30pm onward

Don’t miss it!

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