As the battle for the public space ranges on and on for independent acts across the country, innovative projects and fresh budget-studio labels keep launching new artists everyday.

Another such off the books, yet ambitious project has been launched in Kolkata by the name of ‘Friday Night Originals’. Their Facebook description puts their effort best into words:

“Friday Night Originals is an attempt to bring Independent Music into the limelight. At Friday Night Originals, we are Producing Artists to Record their Original Composition, irrespective of their Genre or Language or Experience, at Our Expense. The Recordings are conducted at a cosy home studio – “The Imaginarium”. We have a camera team to shoot their Recording Sessions and Post-Production team to Release their Single, through our YouTube Channel. The best part of the Project is that the Artists do not have to pay us anything for their Recording Sessions and will be given the access of all Rights over their Original Composition.”

They are up and about with Season 1. 9 episodes have already been launched across a time period of 9 weeks. The artist list has featured people and bands from Kolkata, dealing in various genres. Bemanan, DnA Machines, Ayan Guha, Neel Sarkar Project are a few names. The slots for all episodes of the season are already booked, with a few bands grabbing theirs for the next season as well.

Friday Night Originals also initiated their project at Wishberry, hoping to crowd fund their effort into bringing original music to the forefront.

The Wishberry link: https://www.wishberry.in/campaign/friday-night-originals/

The Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/fridaynightoriginals/

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