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Harsha Iyer releases ‘Mystery Woman’, his first single from ‘When It’s Time’


 The boyishly charming Harsha Iyer has released the first single from his upcoming album ‘When it’s time’, titled as ‘Mystery Woman’

Chennai based Harsha Iyer dazzled us all last September with his debut album ‘Curious Toys’. The musically endowed genius, who hit the twenties yesterday, is known for doing everything from composing to producing, all by himself.  

Harsha released his first single called ‘Mystery Woman’ two days ago. Like all men big and small he seems to have been struck by the elusive masked mystery woman bug. The song talks about how she’s not big on ‘eye contact’ and has an ‘alcoholic abusive lover‘. Which makes you think if it’s time that Mr. Iyer tries his hand at some better lyrics, not necessarily rhyming.

Oh mystery woman my mystery woman 

Won’t you tell me your name.. 

Oh mystery woman my mystery woman

Won’t you tell me from which world you came..  

The music, although not very Curious Toys, is a a pleasant affair and has something delightfully old school about it, with the harmonies and the whole works. Even though not of waves making potential, it does manage to stir up your curiosity about how the rest of the album is going to be.

Musically it’s an uptempo track with acoustic guitars, piano, string and horn sections and lyrically there’s a lot more focus on the stories being told as well in this album” Iyer told an online magazine.

Give Mystery Woman a listen and hope that we get to find out the rest of the ‘mysterious’ story soon.

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