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#HarmanInstallation: The Sumi Baptist Church, Zunheboto, Nagaland!

The installation is a reinforcement of Harman Professional India’s presence in the House of Worship segment in North-east India.

When Harman Professional India came on board for sound, light and video control systems, the Church had already received a suggestion of utilizing Line Array Systems for sound. Being a dome-shaped structure, this would have worked against intelligibility of sound, rather than in favor of it. The team from Harman’s end along with System Integrator Mr. Calvin Baker from Toshniwal World and the world-renowned consultant Mr. Kelvin Ashby-King from T2 Consulting suggested a Distributed Point Source System, which would boost speech intelligibility and uniform audio distribution across the venue. T2 Consulting were responsible for the acoustics, lighting, stage-lighting, video, and audio consulting for this project.

Calvin Baker of Toshniwal World said, “The equipment had to be transported via a combination of exceptionally bad roads and 9-10 hour drives through remote forest areas. Akum Jamir from Crescendo, Dimapur had executed the installation on our behalf. They unboxed about 60-70 boxes of speakers which were then mounted on brackets and hoisted up. Tuning the systems were also a mammoth task. On the inauguration day, there were more than 10,000 people inside, with a couple of thousand people standing outside as well! It was one of the most memorable installations.”

The legendary Kelvin Ashby-King of T2 Consulting said, “While this project was memorable for many
reasons, the travel involved in getting to the site was certainly not one of them! What was memorable was the opportunity to work on a project of this scale, with a group of amazing people who had a vision they wanted to fulfil now, and leave it as a legacy for the future. The project had many challenges, and it has been a long one; 6 years, from start to completion. Harman via AMX were also able to provide Video over IP solutions for this project, making video signal transmission simple and straightforward. The beauty of projects is that they are never about one person, they are groups of people working together toward a common goal and we had a great experience working together with the Building Committee and the Chairman of the Committee, the SI and the manufacturer as a team. Such experiences are always a lesson on what makes a project successful.”

The project housed 5 Harman brands in all. The JBL AM series (AM7315, AM7200, AM5212) formed the main P.A. system, while the AC series (AC18, AC28) also played a part. Amplification was taken care of by Crown, with the main unit being the XTi6002, with DCi4|1250N and DCi|600N also playing their parts. The Soundcraft Si Performer 3, a 32 Channel Digital Mixer along with the Soundcraft Mini Stagebox 32 formed the console setup. AMX took care of the Video over IP needs, with the NMX-ENC-1122 and the NMX-DEC-1222, along with AMX N-8001 being the network controller and the NT-ST-701 being the touch panel controller. Martin Professional lit up the scene with its Rush PAR 2 CT Zoom, the Rush PAR 1RGBW, Mac Quantum Profile Moving Head Spots and the VC-Dot 4 CW 200mm, controlled by the Martin M2Go.

Mr. Kiyello Yepth, Chairman of the Sumi Baptist Church said “We are very satisfied with the light and sound fixtures. Harman products are a class apart. I am surely recommending Harman to others!”

Sunil Karanjikar, Sr. Manager – Application Engineering at Harman International India felt that “Working on this project was an uphill task (pun intended). Kelvin Ashby King is extremely particular with the way an install is executed. He has a great ear for music and knows exactly how a place should sound once he has designed it and imagined it in his mind. With 58 Loudspeakers mounted at different levels across the building, we had to design the Amplification and DSP is a way that we could exercise maximum control over the system to be able to time align every Loudspeaker and ensure coherent localization of the source. The Dome Structure at a height of almost 160ft. meant we have to keep individual Loudspeaker levels in control, while providing even coverage and maximize direct sound across the venue”

They also managed to add a fair bit of color to the inside of the Building and altar with the Rush by Martin series of LED PARs. The PARs also provide ambient and Reading light to the congregation sitting under the dome since conventional Lighting fixtures would not be able to provide the same intensity considering the physical mounting distance.

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