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Radhika MukherjiRadhika Mukherji is a thriving entrepreneur with creative instincts and passion for Music. She is the Founder & CEO of Happydemic, a digital platform that bridges the gap between customers and upcoming artists, ensuring a happy & soothing experience. It is a one-stop destination that aims at democratizing live performances and bringing them to one’s doorstep at an affordable price. Their vision is to make a happy difference in the lives of artists and customers through their platform.
Radhika uses her unique sense of technique and approach to resolve issues. Her primary motto is to enhance the joy of music enriching one’s soul, leaving a mark in the lives of the artiste and the audience by putting special focus on individual preferences. Along with her exquisite ambitions, she has a Business degree from N.M.College, Mumbai and a PPL license along with 8 years experience in Aviation. Additionally, in the last 15 years she has created successful IPs for Shaan. She is also a mother of two kids who believes in maintaining a fair balance between work and home and in her leisure time she enjoys swimming, outdoor sports & reading.

“There are 24 hours in a day and I like to plan everything well in advance”, she says. “From kitchen menu to meetings of the day, everything is planned and I make sure that I stick to a schedule. I actually imagine my entire day and figure out whether it is practical for me to fit in the kind of things and if not, then I prioritize it accordingly. From kitchen menu to meetings, chat with kids’ extracurricular activities, car pool, or even a date with Shaan. Everything is planned! I have to-do notes all over my cabin (in the office) and on the fridge (in my kitchen). The only thing that I have stopped doing is going to the “show your face” kind of parties. I really don’t have time to socialize and the time that I have, I would rather spend with close family and friends.

The toughest challenge I’ve faced as a woman entrepreneur was in maintaining a balance between home and work. I have been fortunate enough not to have major hurdles where running a business is concerned, because I’ve been from a business background, I know how a business works. Even staying at home and running the house was also equally tough because Shaan was travelling, I have two kids, I have a mother-in-law, and there was a whole balance between Shaan’s hectic schedule and house schedule. But I think the toughest thing that I’ve probably ever faced is a dilemma within me, whether I’m doing enough for home or enough for office. But I think that will constantly happen and I will have to constantly learn to face it. I’ve had tremendous meltdowns in the past, but I’ve learned. Shaan’s goodwill actually made it so much easier; he’s actually made a blueprint for Happydemic’s success. Topped with Amar’s support where the numbers are concerned, he’s been in the financial stream for over 15 years himself. We’ve got a foot in the door rather easily than most other companies have and I can’t deny that.”

About Happydemic and idea behind its inception

Happydemic is a platform that aims to bridge the gap between an artiste and the audiences. They position themselves as “live entertainment experts” and strongly believe that a party is not a party if it’s not live! They want to bring live entertainment to everyone’s doorsteps and bust the myths around live entertainment, about it being very elaborate process/space consuming/ too expensive, etc.
Happydemic’s essence is spreading happiness within the artist community by connecting them to the right audience, Shaan used to host lot of reality shows initially and then he moved on to judging them, and there were exceptional talents on these platforms. All the reality shows have a whole lot of rounds and you have over hundred exceptional talents coming in but finally there’s one winner. So the idea behind Happydemic was to actually help the other 99. A lot of these kids leave their cities, their villages and come to Mumbai to pursue this dream of music, and like we all know how expensive as a city Mumbai is, they have talent but nowhere to perform so the spirit of Happydemic came from there, that Happydemic is an entertainment portal wanted to be that gust of wind beneath their wings to help them get work and to connect their exceptional talent with honourable audiences. An epidemic of happiness, thus Happydemic.

Business Model & value offerings at Happydemic

They have adopted the B2B2C model in which their clients are typically corporate , restaurants , clubs, professional firms such as the Big Four, Law firms, Families and Individuals, etc.

Revenue model is typically for the live experiences that they create for these clients and they have also created very unique and world class products such as Songstruck, Thank God It’s Monday, Corporates have Talent and many others. The goal has been to create business impact through live music and experiences. At a family and individual level; they are offering Songstruck and other live experiences.

Number of registered artists along with their Pricing Points

As of now Happydemic has around 300 + Verified Artists & 600 + Registered Artists with them.
This ratio increases every day.
The pricing point depends on whether there is a solo performer, Band performance duration and other parameters. Songstruck as a product is around Rs. 5000-10000. Other products for 1-2 hour performances range from Rs.35000 onwards. The goal is to make high quality experiences affordable to everyone.

They have also started a Systematic Engagement Plan or Systematic Experience Plan where a corporate, business or a family can gift or consume performances on a regular monthly basis versus an adhoc way of doing things.


Strategies while acquiring clients

Their strategy to actually acquire clients has been Business – Business – Customers (B-B-C) but more importantly they want masses to know about what happydemic is through word of mouth. Their talent is fantastic and have a very systematic and transparent manner in which we deploy our artists. A customer gets immense sense of relief when he actually knows that it is a platform (a) that is transparent and (b) the talent is completely vetted. They vet their talent by their talent hunters or their coaches where they look at different parameters that would be voice quality, performance and presence. They make sure that all of them are matched well.
Happydemic believes that if you have great talent and you have curated them well, you have mentored them well, they are ought to get a good audience.

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