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Hanumankind – DAMNSON (Produced By Parimal Shais): Score Indie Reviews

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Hanumankind is the lyrical rap identity donned by Sooraj Cherukat who’s made a splash of a debut not too long ago. With the debut festival performance at NH7 Weekender coinciding with his first release from his debut EP “Kalari”, the stage was set for cementing his position as an undeniable force in hip hop from the subcontinent.

The journey has been focused on creating music that’s ever evolving, challenging, boundary pushing, and is developing to age well as time goes. With the start of the pandemic dampening a lot of things, the music creation process was amped up, leading to the release of the collaborative project “Surface Level” with Kalmi. The latest singles Genghis and DAMNSON showcased the evolution of Hanumankind and the artistic styling that he brings.

Parimal Shais is the artistic vision of Indian producer Parimal EK, who’s quickly established himself as one of the most exciting new artists in Indian hip hop. An innovative and genre bending producer, 26 year old Parimal has developed a distinctive brand with his hard hitting bass lines influenced by South Indian cultural samples. I

n high school, he grew more intrigued with electronic music and began making his own productions when he was 19 years old. As he drives this new age sound, he’s been collaborating with artists all over the country and is currently working on his next album. Let’s find out more about Hanumankind and Parimal’s collaboration, “DAMNSON”.

The hip hop sound has evolved a lot over the years. What started almost forty years ago in the East Coast of the United States of America has encapsulated styles such as boom bap, hard-hitting beats and lyricism, and introspective, conscious rapping, all the way to mumble rap and a wave of 808-driven records.

Well, if there is one thing you can hear very well in DAMNSON, it’s the groovy 808 beat. The fact that Hanumankind is spitting fire on top of the beat makes this track absolutely monstrous.

This hardcore hip hop floor-shaker is going to make people riot. Whether it’s at a concert or inside their bedroom. You can’t just sit quietly and listen to it. If music like this can’t get you going, probably nothing can. Press play, get loose and forget about self control for some time. This isn’t music to make slow sweet love to, this is music to break stuff. Let’s get the party started already.

Verdict: Absolute Banger.

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