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GQ’s Four most Influential Young Indians from the Music Industry

Benny BLOT Dualist Nucleya

This year, GQ honored some of the most influential Indians who have made a mark in the country for themselves.

We are proud of the fact that four super talented artists from the Indian Music Scene have been honored the same. They are:

Benny Dayal, the guy whose journey began with his band S5 and later on to make some great independent music and superhits in the Film Industry. He has won a million hearts with his mesmerizing voice. He totally deserves to be on this list!

Sahej Bakshi a.k.a. Dualist Inquiry who is known to bring out some of the best feet tapping tunes. This Delhi based heartthrob has caught the attention of many a hearts and ears with his fun electronic music.

Tej Brar, the guy behind the famous Nucleya and Raggae Rajjahs in terms of the PR, Marketing and Branding is concerned, he has created an impression in the Alternate Music Scene in India.

B.L.O.T. (Avinash Kumar and Gaurav Malekar), the electronic duo of Basic Love of Things have revolutionized the scene by bringing a mix of electronic music along with social issues. The Delhi-based duo has brilliantly infused Indian elements in its visuals backed by the electronic sound born in the west.


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