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Gig Update: Emergence at Alliance Francaise, Chennai!


This Saturday, drop in at the Alliance Francaise to get mesmerized with some authentic Pondy influenced Indo Pop!

If you want your weekend to start off laidback, there is not better way to do it than being at the Emergence gig on Saturday! 

Emergence is an act that hails from Solitude Farm, a community started by Krishna McKenzie in the international township of Auroville, South India.

They live a dynamic, alternative lifestyle, growing their own food, creating buildings in natural materials, and running an organic restaurant.

As far as music goes, Emergence is a potpourri of influences, courtesy: 

  • Krishna Mckenzie – Vocals, Guitars
  • Karthick Iyer – Violins, Vocals
  • Mishko M’ba – Bass
  • Suresh Bascara – Drums

Carnatic melodies on the violin, vocals in Tamil peppered with rock, funk & ethnic rhythms, Emergence is fusion music at its most unique.

Check out this colourful poster to fill yourself in on details! 

Here’s a sampling of their sound:

[youtube_video id=sFiuVVVNzYs]

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