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Gig Review :: Teddy Boy Kill :: Counter Culture, Bangalore, July 14th, 2012


As unique as their name is so is their music. Their genre is techno/electronic/house music and yetone would have never heard music as different as theirs. Teddy boy kill’s music is often describedas “moody, edgy, and distinctive” and that’s totally true.


A New Delhi based band started in 2008, have gained immense publicity with numerous showsacross the country. A band that has confessed to be “beat punk” consists of Ashhar Farooqui, Samrat Bee, and recently added drummer Akshat Nauriyal. Otherwise known as Toymob, AudioPervert and Tahska.

On 14th July, Teddy Boy Kill was at Counter Culture, Bangalore yet again to give the city some oftheir best music. With the lyrics and vocals of Toymob and the electro beat of Audio Pervert, theybrought for the crowd a wide range of music, from the ones that tingled your soul to the ones thatforced you to get up and groove!

To add to the unique stage presence of the band, there was Ari Jayaprakash, the well known artistand photographer with them on stage. While the band played some amazing music, his energy andpaintings stood as proof for it.

The band opened with a rather soothing and sober song which complimented Bangalore’s weatherand the crowd’s mood that night. The song had a strong echo effect and brought in a very bluefeeling and in between it had a short dub timbre also. One could clearly see that they were lost inthe music that they were playing and they constantly improvised on stage. Their music is on the flyand they rarely have a set playlist for any gig.

The next song that they played was totally different from the first, a very eerie song with a tapang tinge to it. The song slowly increased pace as it progressed, and one could see the mood of thecrowd change too, as they got up from their seats and started grooving to the music.

The soul of the band’s music is techno and electronic music which reverberated in all their songs.Next the band played some foot tapping music that completely changed the mood of the setting.The evening started off with a sober feel to it and then turned into something mind boggling and groovy.

The band next brought to the stage a song with barely any vocals but it was an amazingly well composed song. The band members themselves were thoroughly enjoying their music and were dancing as they played. Ari Jayaprakash was also seen enjoying the music and dancing along with theband members.

Though the band didn’t directly address or interact with the crowd, it didn’t affect the impact of their music. The song next played was truly appreciated by the crowd. Deep electronic music that forced people get off their chairs and dance!

As the evening progressed, the music got better and better. Teddy Boy Kill lived up to their reputation of unique music and stage presence and with Ari Jayaprakash on stage with them, the evening indeed was a memorable one with some awesome electro music.

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