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GIG REVIEW ::Tails On Fire. Indo German Urban Mela.

The Indo-German Urban Mela, which commemorates 60 years of Indo-German ties of sixty years helped kicked off  the Indo German Urban Mela on the 24th of August. A ten day long Mela in all. Language classes, storytelling and art workshops, great food and very notable performances seemed to emanate through the days that followed.

Among the varied performances, Chennai’s very own, Tails on Fire seemed to set the night a fire, (the irony) and kill it with their rage and a good overall performance.
With T.T on the guitars and those funky riffs mingled with a whole lot of soulful persona from the rest of the band and a huge RHCP influence here.


Girl’, being one of their numbers. Completely packed with energy and owing up to and summing up to everything that is Tails on Fire. One could always notice a varied and well carried influence of RHCP here. Whether, if it was the bassist or Karan on vocals, being all over the place. Those breakdowns and sweet blend of backing vocals. Karan Seemed to tear it off and kill us all, slowly, sweetly, surely.  

An intense breakdown towards the end of this number. Very nice structures built by them. I guess they’ve found their own version of controlled chaos and it works. With a good use of that wah-wah pedal to go onto hit an anticlimax in true Tales style. 

Move’, this one being the bands first song. Proud performance to this one and with good reason, it all seemed to work for them. Backing vocals helped out a lot here. Then again everyone’s got their own parts to be played and they did deliver. All on key, which turned out to be a complete crowd pleaser

They soon followed with a very grunged and Tails cover to, ‘Urvasee’. Yes ‘Urvasee’. With T.T exploding on that breakdown which kept everyone off of their feet, talk about a crowd pleaser. A very hands on Tamil/Chennai approach to this solo here, this guitarist just keeps us smiling. Controlled and tame! Very nicely done. Energy, chaos, control, composed in their own sick little way. Don’t miss the sick patch on that guitar.

Superglue’- an angry song, or so we were told.
Tails approach here again, its rather repetitive with their formulas and their riffs but I guess its working for these guys and when you seem to have found that chi that gets you going and pulls all else into that same wavelength and frequency you stick to it.
All in all. A very powerful and entertaining performance by Tails On Fire.

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