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It’s this articulate form of expression that always seems to radiate and find its way towards you, inching. Not slowly but surely. This band, from Kochin who believes in all forms of articulate expression. Subtle plucking and that heads on approach to those vocals that honestly? Well, isn’t that eccentric but then again when there’s good musicality and you lock in key as a band. You’re not really on a minus here. 

Rome being one of those songs that looked like it would tear yet tamed all. 

A very Kings Of Leon feel to this number with that sick beat and those sicker vocals. Expression? Top notch. 

Its something about these bands from Gods own country that’s got everyone always talking about them and clearly with good reason.
A very tight drum line and with vocals diminishing here and there, yet they came back in one of those ‘Seven Stages’ to surely kill their act.
Powerful breakdown. Ouch! Save us. Subliminally sweet.

Tomorrow was another song about simply…..tomorrow.
The next day where you could smile and tell yourself that it’d be worse or just rationally better.
With expression being the key and axis around which this band circles around.
With the vocals dying and coming back to life was a nice touch. Simply loved the chord structure these guys had going, mingled with that little Fender. Madness. Foot tapping stuff.
To all those beautiful ladies out there, the band had one for you’ll too. So no ones left out.
Slow and mellow but eventually picking up to turn into a very well constructed song. Subtle plucking and backing vocals not far behind were a nice touch.

A special mention to the drummer. 

There’s expression and then there’s EXPRESSION. A whole lot of feel, you can tell by simply looking at him in his little element and I guess that’s what you really want to see. An artist, within his element, peaking and performing. 

[youtube_video id=6ewb6niuF4Q]
Settle down
a song to all struggling artists out there, from little closet spaces to living out of and off of the clothes you’ve got on your back. A very hands on approach bluesy feel. Guess it had a couple of sevenths in there if I’m not mistaken.
Finally! That Lespaul put to good use. Thank you!  
Then again when you decide to take on blues? It needs something more. It’s a world of possibilities out there that are begging to be lifted and torn up by the vocalist.
Blues always does that, overall? Yes. Constructive and creative. Our very own Genghis’ army here, marching. Foot tapping and hair raising every now and then.

Black Letters? A band surely set to deliver on the creative and expressive frontier.
A whole lot of energy. You could look at them and think to yourself. ‘Hey!, I get what they’re talking about’. You empathize. With their lyrical approach and explosive drumming.
They get you. Most definitely. And as do you. Its symbiotic.
Its entertaining.   

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