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Gia Balaji: Face 2 Face: Score Indie Reviews

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Before we say anything else, let’s tell you something very important about Gia Balaji. She is a grand total of 13 years old. Yes, almost everyone at Score has pieces of clothing older than that. Even Spotify is older than Gia Balaji. So when someone that young writes a song that is an  intimate and carefully crafted jewel-like creation that is pitched somewhere between hauntingly intense and beautifully serene, starkly and precisely scored yet on occasion surprisingly elusive, excuse us for being (pleasantly) surprised.

If you are human, you should be too. “Face 2 Face” seems to spring naturally out of Gia Balaji’s heart and flows in a wispy and delicate manner. Gia Balaji’s voice is airy and light (but never weak), almost inseparable from the song’s atmosphere, and yet not without its darker shades. Its sensory impact is tangible, and the images she conjures up with her words are really vivid. 

Brimming with delicate individuality, Gia Balajai’s debut effort “Face 2 Face” showcases her skills as a songwriter and performer whose creative vision belies her age and seems to be at the precipice of stardom. She has weaved her track with nuances and stamped each note with her mark. If Gia Balaji goes on to become a star in the future, “Face 2 Face” shall be the nebula inside which her stardom was forged. We are fortunate to be witnesses.


Writer and Performer – Gia Balaji, Music Producer – Mark Manuel, Music Composer – Timothy Madhukar, Sound Engineer – Sean Bout, Mixed and mastered @The Outhouse Studio, Vocals recording studio – Voiccee Store, Vocals recording sound engineer –  Dinesh, Cover art – Binsubu

Verdict: Something Stunning This Way Comes.

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