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GET ready for Guetta!

[youtube_video id=YVw7eJ0vGfM]

We know you already know. But we as your up-to-date informants we have to let you know officially!

I have always felt that in India, its better to be a metalhead SIMPLY because there’s a not-so-faint chance of them performing live. The Indian youth born in my generation, with adequate financial resources (+ inside influences), will have witnessed Opeth, Meshuggah, Lamb of God, Metallica, Aerosmith among many others, at least in the news if not live. Lady Gaga came and disappointed by giving in to Bollywood & elitism. Pitbull annoyed non-musically (for a change) by shoo-ing away people from the concert venue in Delhi. Commercial artists don’t care much for 3rd world countries & when they do make it, we come out of the arena thinking more about the organization than the onstage act.

So it’s pretty effin AWESOME for all us radio-addicts & lovers of all things hot & happening that the most commercially successful act right now, David Guetta, is headlining the 2012 edition of The Eristoff Invasion!!! 

Quote from the man himself: “I’m excited to finally get to play in India. I know my music has been heard and supported for many years, but until now it’s been impossible to get there. This will be a very special tour, I’m sure.”

Nothing But The Beat, his latest album, is blazin’ dance floors & charts alike. 

[youtube_video id=9ha5ujHnYXg]

[youtube_video id=p4kVWCSzfK4]

You WERE drunkenly grinding to something that sounded like this, no?

OK even if you aren’t hitting clubs, THIS number should ring a gong.

[youtube_video id=Xo_7bhk1UzA]

Most overplayed track since Usher’s Yeah. No wait, that still features in college dance fests.

Last year, when the fest debuted, it was Prodigy that kicked serious ass. So, there is genuine excitement here! 

Eristoff is from the house of Bacardi. Alongwith OML & UKNY Music, they are making sure this March sees most of India jiggying it UP!


9th MARCH :: New Delhi, Huda Grounds :: Rs 2,000

10th MARCH :: Pune, Amanora Park Town :: Rs 2,000

11th MARCH :: Bangalore, Palace Grounds :: Rs 1,950

Log on to: for more details! 

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