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Get Giggy With It: Sept 28th 2011

Kohima ::

Menwhopause , Black Rose at The Heritage


Karaoke nights at Jukebox Cafe and The Stage, Manajsa

Bull Engine, Suicide Avenue, Mutiny In March, Tapasya, Hope In Dark Evolution at Cafe Oz

Faridkot and Adil & Vasundhara at F barRishi Inc at 1 Boulevard

The Illusion at Tryst Musicafe

Kolkata ::

Ashes in Flames, Bee and the Buskers, Mud Soda Spark, Wajud, Purple Asparagus at Gyan Manch

Bangalore ::

Alien Chutney at The Kyra Theatre

Pune ::

Rachit & the Crew at Swig Bar and Eatery

Mumbai ::

The Early Set with Jared Dias at Blue FROG

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