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Get Giggy With It: Oct 27th 2011

Mumbai ::

The Early Set with Sanchez Fernandes followed by The Echoes at Blue Frog

Metallica Tribute by Sanju Aguiar (Hoodwink Circle, Mihir Joshi’s Bombay Rock Project), Siddharth Basrur (Goddess Gagged), Aiden Lewis (Hoodwink Circle), Arun Iyer (Devoid) and Rahul ‘Ragul’ Hariharan (Bhayanak Maut) at HRC

Kolkata ::

SIIXthVEDA at Mani Square

Underground Authority at Octane High

Kendraka at The Basement

Delhi ::

Agrath, Arcane Deception, Bull Engine, Harmonic Friction, Hence Proved, I Quit, Middle Finger Theory, Mutiny in March, Route 714, Tapasya, The Avalanche, The Urban EarlyMen at Striker Pub, Gurgaon

Anvesanah, The Point & Insight at The Stage, Manajsa

The Circus, Indigo Children at Live

Brad Spurgeon’s Acoustic Concert at The Living Room Cafe

Metallica Tribute by Vishnu at HRC

Bangalore ::

Heavy Water at The Kyra Theatre

Metallica tribute by Theorized along with Narayan Shrouthy (Inner Sanctum/Extinct Reflections), Nolan Lewis & Rohit Chaturvedi(Kryptos), Ganesh Krishnaswamy (Bevar Sea/Ex-Kryptos), Judah Sandy (Slain), Suraj Dutt (Verses) and Vishnu Pradeep at HRC

Pune ::

Tico Tico at Shisha Cafe

Metallica Tribute by Hourglass Inversion at HRC

Hyderabad ::

Metallica Tribute by Fahrenheit at HRC!/wtsindia

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