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Get Giggy With It- Dec 20th 2011

KOLKATA :The 5th Fret and Underground Authority at Madhyamgram

Experience the power of the mighty 5th Fret with the authority of the Underground authority! 

The 5th fret (Suman) by highonscore

MUMBAI : The Early Set with Sanju & Aidan (Hoodwink Circle) followed by 42 with Ashu, Warren, Papal, Jai & Ramona at Blue Frog

The Hoodwink Circle’s primary influence is the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, which makes them awesome automatically. Catch them live with 42, Ashu’s New Industrial Electro Rock Project. Be there if you want to find out what exactly does industrial electro rock means. Heh.

[youtube_video id=8hxFeT4jVUk]

Battle of the bands feat. natural volume at ruia college, matunga (also at mood indigo)

Listen to Natural Volume’s amazingly wide range of music, as the bands battle for the prize. 

[youtube_video id=PWgOKse86h0]

Natural Volume (Nevil) by highonscore

GOA: Devika Bhise with Jazz Junction at Donna Paula

Meet Devika Bhise, with the Jazz Junction, known for their unique ‘floating singers/soloists’ concept where a different singer and/or soloist is featured each time the band performs. 

[youtube_video id=LQFhGHb6cxM]

DELHI :Rotten Roses at Ruby Tuesday

Rotten Roses will rot your roses, with their sheer kickassity. 

[youtube_video id=JwwBaPmnwH4]

BANGALORE :Open mike night at Kyra

Whatever happens at an open mike night, stays in an open mike night. No?

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