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Genre no bar: Linkin Park cover Adele

Are artistes restricted by the genres they have established themselves in? Linkin Park, the American rock/nu metal/rap metal band, say a huge NO as they covered Adele‘s smashing pop hit ‘Rolling in the Deep’ yesterday. What’s more? They didn’t disappoint.

Linkin Park is a band that attained massive commercial success with their rapcore and alternative rock based albums. Last night however, at the iTunes festival held in London, they had a big surprise in store for their audience. With Mike Shinoda (rapper/back vocalist/multi instrumentalist) at the piano, Chester Bennington (lead vocalist) sang Adele’s chart topper ‘Rolling in the Deep‘. Chester does the song justice and its already being called Adele’s best cover by many netizens. 

Its impressive that LP took it upon themselves to break the genre classification barrier imposed on them and by doing so they’ve only left us wanting for more. Check out the video and tell us what you think of the rendition.

[youtube_video id=CJSC2Rpl9jQ]

‘Rolling in the Deep (cover)- Linkin Park’

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