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Flo Rida, Ludacris & Jay Sean are in India on the 21st!

If you see gangs of nigga wannabes floating in shiny jerseys and pants that start at the calves near Palace Grounds soon, it’s because insert afro accent there go’n be a hip hop sho’down in Bengaluru YO!

You gotta admire their spirit. Bangaloreans have been busted out of dance floors and so they head to the next best thing. Open air!

The T20 Champions League opening ceremony is going to be a hip hop happening affair with international acts Flo Rida, Jay Sean & Ludacris performing LIVE! The show starts at 5.00 pm & tickets are playing peekaboo! [No, we don’t see you 🙁 ]

Lets also take a moment to open our mouths at the power of cricket. Pulling down three hip-hop moguls for the Opening Ceremony, wow has the sport come a long way.   

Flo Rida is on his 2nd visit to Bengaluru & word is that he will be heading to Chennai next month. WOW. We will probably send our Bangalore minions to clarify that. The man is arguably one of THE most successful names in hip-hop today. Where Dem Girls At, Club Can’t Handle Me, Right Round, Low… do you STILL not know who I am talking about?!

Okay, here is a wicked number where the man collaborates with Will.I.Am. Put yo hands up in the ayer, ai ayer!

[youtube_video id=-DsyZdeFjug] 

Ludacris is becoming hot property in Hollywood flicks as the slow talkin’ fella with ze flowww. When he ain’t busy upholding stereotypes, the rapper from Georgia makes us move, JUST LIKE THAT!


[youtube_video id=pZG7IK99OvI] 

It’s old but one of my faves! 

Tone down them boomin’ beats to get acquainted with the third entertainer, Jay Sean! He maybe conspicuously absent from the Speedy Singhs OST but Kamaljit Singh Jhooti is riding high with his own achievements. For starters, he’s managed to rope in Lil Wayne & Nicki Minaj in his latest singles! And he rung in the New Year (literally) at Times Square much earlier this year!

And oh yes, his music is getting a lot more chart play. 

Forget the guy who gave you Nachna Tere Naal (the anthem of my 9th grade; no, I shall not divulge the name of my alma mater), here’s version 2011 of Jay Sean

[youtube_video id=U18gtNpUOMA] 

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