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Faridkot Live at AQUA, Chennai on 30th Sept!

Starting out in 2008, Faridkot has been a regular act on Delhi stages and beyond. Riding early on the wave of sufi music influx that is still flowing in they have carved out a cult following for themselves in the North. Faridkot’s music is a mixture of shifting blues guitars and harmonic love melodies blended around a thumping percussion and bass. Described in certain circles as Confused Pop.

If you like your lightworks aural and you like your music well coloured. Come with us. If you like the night in all its glory, if you like the way we sing your story.

Venue : Aqua, The Park Hotel, Chennai

Date : 30th September

For Reservation call or whatsapp at :
+91-9654100060 / +91-991199903

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