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The F16’s Live with Triggerpunkte album on 20th Oct!

TriggerpunkteThe band has now released their debut full-length album, Triggerpunkte; a nine-song offering that was recorded in Chennai and Mumbai for over a year. Both lyrically and musically, the album meanders between reverb-heavy sentimentality and fast-paced assault. Triggerpunkte is a reaction to the bands previous efforts where we explore the bands identity. the outcome is a populist, experimental, healing, agitating, straightforward, highly polished, multi-layered album ranging from one spectrum to another.

The F16s play alternative dance music borne out of frustration with a barren and flaccid cityscape.

Catch them live at The Humming Tree on 20th Oct 9pm onwards.

Get details about the show and tickets :


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