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They say change is the only constant. And something as dynamic and experimental as music changes and evolves everyday. Now imagine if you would get to witness that change in music, right from the 14th century till now, in a constant and smooth mosaic of brilliant visuals and songs.

Aria, the Western Music Society of Hindu College, did just that! They picked up highlights from each genre and time period, right from something as archaic as Gregorian chants to recent pop stars like Adele, and put it up in one seamless musical extravaganza.

The Music Society organised and performed  – “The Evolution of Music” at Kamani Auditorium on 21st March 2016.

The set-list consisted of musical highlights like Mozart, Broadway’s ‘The Lion King’, Billy Joel, Michael Jackson and so on; each set moving into another smoothly through changes in lights, sounds, curtains and costumes.

The entire structure and performance was managed and organized by the college students. The output, in the audience’s own words, was ‘professional’.

A 10X10 ft sun rose in the Kamani stage, bringing the day and lifting spirits of everyone around, as African ululating chants chorused with ‘The Circle of Life’.

Otherwise untrained vocalists nailed to perfection arias and solos from Western Classical Music. A grand piano and a violin accompanied a Lana Del Ray to general admiration and amazement.

The dynamics of presentation and execution put aside, shows like this take the whole concept of music concerts and presentation to a whole new level.

Challenging the stereotypical hyper-activity and social buzz around college fests and experiences in general, this concert was a shift to a more mature and professional way of musical expression.


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