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EDM in da house: Submerge party in Bangalore!

A fan of electronic dance music? If yes, we tell you why a Submerge party is the place to be in. With Rohit Barker and Nikhil Chinapa at the turntables last Saturday at Sutra, Bangalore, it was a party you shouldn’t have missed! 

Everything that went WRONG with my Saturday Night:

  • My favourite photographer decides to leave his camera behind in Mumbai. Seriously, isn’t that like leaving your soul behind for a photographer? But of course he does. A friend lends me his and I think that’s the last thing I had to worry about that night. I thought wrong.
  • I head to Sutra at around 9 with a couple of friends, which include my favourite photographer and the borrowed camera, and meet the bouncers. Well hello there! “Sorry ma’am, but your name isn’t on the guest list.” But there must be a mistake? (Note: You cannot stare down a bouncer, especially if he’s a foot taller) After a couple of frantic phone calls we were finally in.
  • The sight that welcomed us- empty dance floor. The in-house DJ in all fairness wasn’t bad, but there was a reason we headed straight to the bar. 
  • We got one picture before the flash of the camera decides to die on us. Why or how remains a mystery. But the organizers were cool enough to lend us these awesome PR pics!

Everything that went RIGHT with my Saturday Night:

  • When I was ready to give up and probably bawl loudly on the dance floor, there appeared out of nowhere the ones we all waited for – Rohit Barker followed by Nikhil Chinapa. Everybody who stood with their drinks and smokes outside started herding in. The party was finally starting!
  • The music began building and the crowd kept asking for more. Soon there wasn’t enough place to stand let alone dance, but the brave (which was the majority, I must proudly add) boogied rest of the night. It was impossible not to when the music was what it was.
  • Sure there was the couple who wouldn’t stop making out, the guy who spilt his drink on my shoes, the pwetty girls who couldn’t stop clicking pictures of themselves making kissy faces, the drunk chicken-dance dancer and all the others you absolutely have to meet at a club (I’m quite sure they have an association we know nothing of. Sting operation anyone?), but whatte night! The music was kickass and made up for my series of unfortunate events.
  • If you weren’t at the Submerge event last Saturday at Sutra, you really did miss the Bangalore party spirit. Try to make it for the next one, won’t you? I’ll keep you posted!
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