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Siyaahi, Dhanji, and Acharya’s Screenplay heralds the ongoing rise of Amdavad Hip-Hop – Score Indie Reviews

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Straight out of Gujrat’s Ahmedabad (or Amdavad as the locals call it), the MCs Siyaahi and Dhanji have been making their mark through their individual discography. Now, with Screenplay, both rappers join forces with producer Acharya for an adrenaline-fueled banger.

The overarching ‘hustle’ theme might be reminiscent to other recent hip-hop releases but the wordplay and overall flow of both artists are fresher than ever. Siyaahi opens the track by touching upon salty rappers and their hypocritical behavior towards other rappers. When an artist is out of their reach, it becomes easier to hate on them. But rather than engaging in such wanton hatred, Siyaahi proclaims that he is working to build his own skills while hustling in his city.

Dhanji takes the baton after his verse, absolutely killing Acharya’s haunting beat with his razor-sharp verse. The song’s title makes sense as Dhanji opens his verse with the line, ‘Read a contract like a screenplay, I’m tryna see how it’s gon’ play out’. And indeed contracts can be like a dramatic screenplay with some third-act twists that every artist should pay heed to. Otherwise, often naive artists might just get charmed by the glitz and glamor of the recording industry and might not do much of their contract-related research.

Screenplay just clocks at a mere duration of two minutes but carries a lot of repeat value. In the end, the track is bound to hype up listeners if they are looking for something new that breaks out of the ‘Delhi-Bombay’ binary. If the future of Gujarat-based hip-hop is heralded by talents like Dhanji and Siyaahi, then there seems to be a lot of potential.

Verdict: Screenplay is vibey and intense at the same time.

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