Holding On

Following the success of his previous music videos “Dil Kya Kare (Did I Love You?)” and “Frenemies”,  R&B/Pop sensation Amrit Dasu a.k.a. DASU has just launched the music video for his latest single“Holding On” via Universal Music. The music video has already crossed a phenomenal 500,000 views on which is incredible for an English song by an Indian origin artiste!

On “Holding On” the singer-songwriter DASU chronicles the feeling of loss felt after the end of a relationship and the lyrical intensity of the song is beautifully reflected in the music video that was shot in New Jersey.

“Holding On” is turning out to be a huge fan favourite for DASU! The fans seem to love his softer side as he seeks reconciliation with his lost love on the song and video which DASU says ….is a song about someone holding on to the person who made home feel home”.

With this third single “Holding On” already gaining recognition, DASU continues to build a reputation and winning over hearts and hordes of fans through his lyrics and unique vocal talent.

“Holding On” EP is available exclusively on Universal Music across all digital platforms.

Check it out :