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Cyrus Gorimar: On his upcoming concert with Dream Theater and more.

Cyrus Gorimar, the founder and drummer of the band Blue Blood, is the brain behind bringing the massive progressive rock band Dream Theater to India on October 8th.

Cyrus is also the founder of the company Opium Events, that is known for having brought some big international acts to our country.  He gave up his day time job to promote the band Blue Blood and realized that his passion for rock and perfection gave him an edge towards organizing events. As Cyrus is into rock and metal, he has organized more than 300 concerts all over India associating himself with college festivals.

We had a chat with him on his upcoming and much awaited Dream Theater concert and how his dream became a reality.

How did your DREAM become a reality with Dream Theater?

Perseverance along with a positive attitude can make Dreams come true. Especially ones with specific goals.

Tell us 5 reasons why you think people should definitely attend this massive concert?

1.Biggest progressive rock band in the whole world.

2.Sonic assault with massive sound system.

3.Once in a lifetime opportunity to watch them live.

4.Arguably the best musicians in the world packaged in one band.

5.Concert will be an experience for the viewers.

You are a huge fan of the band yourself. What’s the first thing you are going to tell them when you see them?

I am going to be spell bound and speechless. I am not just a fan, my whole music revolves around them. Their music gives me the passion, the power , the confidence and the zest to move ahead in life. So for me its just not the band and the music. It’s beyond all of that. The words that will come out will be: Thank you very much.

Having brought different International artists as a part of Opium events, what are the challenges you face in doing so?

Sponsorship! The corporate world has got people only into Bollywood sitting in that position. Everything they sponsor or wish to sponsor is Bollywood. Now this is very dangerous. For anything to be good and to keep improving, you need competition. This show should open people’s eyes wide that there is a massive market for rock in India. There has to be someone taking it up with the challenge.

Which is your most favorite Dream Theater song till date and why?

I can’t name one which is lesser favorite than the other. But I would consider Enemy Within an awesome song taking into account Mike Manginis assault.

You’ve been a musician yourself. Tell us a little about how it all started for you.

I started when I was three years old as told to me by my parents. I used to drum on empty milk boxes before I could speak after which I took up formal training from the age of thirteen and formed Brahma which went on to become a massive heavy metal band. I have now formed Blue Blood, a progressive rock band which has Chin2 Bhosale on vocals, Siddhesh Borkar on Lead Guitars, Arnold Philips on Guitars, Kunal Kambli on Bass, Milind Date on flute and me on drums.

If there is something you would like to change in the current Indie scene, what would it be?

Eradicate Bollywood music from the face of this earth.

Your message to our readers.

You can only be a true rock fan, if you actually land up for a rock concert. As the owner of Opium Events, I will only promote Rock and that’s my promise. Come to the concert in good numbers… And while every reader is a sponsor for these events (so buy tickets, make rock concerts happen and grow!), brands who sponsors such concerts are also readers; my message to all of you: there is a massive market for Rock music. That according to me is the only ‘true’ live music… Nothing else.

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