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Kit Katt by Crack Chicken Has Got The Blues

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Crack Chicken is the name of the combination of chicken, cream cheese, ranch seasoning, and bacon. These ingredients combined are so good that Crack Chicken is addictive, you can’t stop eating it. Wait, this is supposed to be a song review, why are we talking about a chicken dish?

Well, the reason we started with the dish is that it describes the sound of the band Crack Chicken very well. If there was a way to sum up Crack Chicken’s music, “addictive, you can’t stop listening to it” is exactly that.

The 5 member Crack Chicken is a hybrid blues band, syncing in elements of Funk, Latin jazz, Hip Hop and R&B. In the words of the blues legend Howlin’ Wolf: “And you look over there at these other people and they got this and they got that. And in your heart you feel like you ain’t nobody, you got the blues.” So, has “Kitt Katt” got the blues? Let’s find out.

The song coughs to a start with the sound of a car ignition coughing up to life. It is a smorgasbord of bluesy goodness. You can start hearing it right from the first note. The shuffling drum beat produces a trance-like rhythm and gives the song a fantastic groove. The addictive groove will suck you in and before you know, you will be going “Kiiiit Kiiit Kitt Katt” and shaking a
leg. The musicianship overall is top notch. Crack Chicken might only have “peanuts in their pockets” but they pack a lot of musical skills. The piano solo around the 2:25 mark is definitely the musical highlight of the song.

The guitars, bass, lead vocals and backing vocals are just
perfect. The track is mixed very well and perfectly produced. Everything sounds crisp and clean without sounding sterile and mechanical.
The age old question is, who’s got the blues? B.B. King changing a guitar string on “Lucille” while singing live definitely had the blues, Otis Rush crooning “I Can’t Quit You Baby” definitely had the blues, and guess what ladies and gentlemen, Crack Chicken performing “Kitt Katt”, have definitely got the blues.

Verdict: If you’ve got the blues, don’t worry, have a break, have a Kitt Katt.

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