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In Conversation with Blessing Chimanga before his Mumbai gig!

About the Gig
An international band from Zimbabwe, Blessing Chimagna Quartet will be in a special quartet setup. The setup will major on the Zimbabwean African traditional instruments presenting a fresh, powerful, energetic and world-class concert. 
Venue: The Stables
Date: 1st September
About the artist
Blessing is the band leader and lead singer of the band, An international acclaimed artist with 2 albums in his name and currently recording the 3rd album. Blessing has played and collaborated with many artists across the world and he is currently one of the fast rising young artists in Zimbabwe. He has toured to over 20 countries.
What’s on your set list for Mumbai?
Our set list for Mumbai is a powerful set specially designed to woo the people of Mumbai and make sure we take them to Africa and back in the few minutes of the show. The set list will include also some famous African tunes, a wide variety of styles, some powerful dance movements and a powerful closing.
Are you excited to play for the Indian audience?
We are always excited and honored to perform for Indian audience mainly because of the warm welcome we always receive. We also love the craziness of Indian audience in terms of the energy and just the love of having fun.
How do you perceive India as a good country for your kind of music?
Definitely it is a good country in terms of loving our kind of music mainly because it is different. Also, our music is very cultural and traditional based and with how India is in general culturally strong, our music also finds space and appreciation because of this. Our music is very powerful and energetic and you realize that people in India love to dance, have fun and sing along and I think this is also another advantage for us.
Tell us more about your band.
I am very privileged to have a band of very talented musicians. The 3 musicians and I am on this tour, names are as follows:
1. Elisha Zimbeva who is an amazing Piano and Keyboard player. Elisha is also currently one kf the best young teachers of piano in Zimbabwe and he is working hard on setting up his piano academy to teach more students.
2. Blessing Muparutsa is the drummer and he is one of the top drummers in the country who has recoreded over 100 albums for artists in Zim and internationally. Blessing plays a lot of percussion instruments and on this setup he will be playing a very intrstinf drum setup with a lot of afrixan drums.
3. Carmen Hwarari is iur backing vocalist and mbira player. She is crazy on stage and she plays mbira which is a typical Zimbabwe instruemnt known as thumb piano.
She teaches music and dancing in Zim.
What to expect from your next album?
Next I am releasing my 2nd audio album which is also coming with a live DVD as it will be live recorded. This should be ready as my birthday present to the world in December. With this album I’m excited to collaborate with a lot of international musicians and get to across the world hard.
Upcoming projects.
I am working on a lot of tutorial online material for marimba and African music and my dream is to build a strong fan base and following for musicians who need this information and get to expose African music at a large scale.
I am also working on a drum festival also that will be to engage drummers from all over the world to perform on one stage in Zimbabwe then tour the world.
Message to your fans.
I am very grateful to everyone who has followed and loved our music. We call our fans family because we can not do it without you. You make us who we are today and your love and support gives us the inspiration to keep going. One more thing is keep holding on your Dreams and one day it will become reality. I love you all very very very much.
Check out their tune:
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