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In conversation with Australian DJ Mr. Bill at IndiEarth XChange 2017

Mr. Bill, Australian musician, DJ and producer spoke to us in Chennai right before his gig at the After Party of IndiEarth XChange 2017. We had a chat about his performances in India, workshop on Ableton, upcoming projects and more.

You have performed in India quite a few times. How do you like performing in India?

Every country is good in their own way. Playing in India has its special charm and I love playing here. This was my 5th time here and I’ve travelled Pune, Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.

Is there a key difference you have noticed in the way your music is received in India compared to other countries?

I have noticed people here are quite energetic and it’s always fun to play for such people. The main thing I love about India is how nice the people are and the food indeed!

Tell us about your experience with IndiEarth

The workshops was great! I was surprised by the turnout. It was more than what I usually would get. It was awesome! I loved the diversity of the event and how different genres of music were covered from Punjabi music to traditional music and French jazz band etc. The talks were amazing! It was a great event!

Can you quickly brief us about your workshop on Ableton

The key focus was on the process and I went through my live set and also talked about some of my project files and broke them down for them. Showed a bunch of tricks and took questions from the audience. It was more of a discussion.

Tell us about your upcoming tracks

I have hundreds of half-finished tracks and at this point I am trying to figure out what to release first as I have IDM tracks, heavy tracks  and what not. I just want to break them down into coherent releases and invest my energies on finishing those. This is just a mixture of all kinds of stuff!

Tell us one thing that you would like to say to a beginner who looks up to you

Any energy that you can take away from anything else and invest in your art is probably a good move!

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