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Coco Rouzier: On her music, set list for India gig at The Storyteller’s Bar and more..

Coco is an international recording star and is also the lead female vocalist for one of New York’s top wedding bands. She has traveled the world delivering her special brew of Jazz, Bossa Nova and Soul music at
Music Festivals, 5-star hotels and top-of- the-line cruise ships.

Coco Rouzier is making her first trip to India and will be joined by three of South India’s top musicians from Bangalore and Auroville.

What’s on your set list for the India gig?

After many years of singing at 5 star hotels around the world, I began to write my own songs. Recently, 3 of those songs have been released on iTunes. I look forward to presenting them to the indian market. Especially “Rescue me”, a soulful Bossa Nova tune that is close to my heart! As well, some classic swing sambas and sweet ballads like fly me to the Moon, One note Samba and the very thought of you

You’ve traveled the world and performed in exclusive venues, which has been your best experience till date and why?

My favorite concert took place in hometown, Washington DC! I returned for one week and gathered my family and close friends –who never saw me perform but knew that I had moved to NYC to sing. There were tears of Joy and a certain respect that only a your mamma can give you! It was such a legendary place where Ella Fitzgerald sang with duke Ellington (a fellow Washingtonian in the audience called bohemian caverns on U street!

You are collaborating with fantastic Indian musicians, how did the collaboration come about?

The Musician were organized by the storytellers bar with my recommendation of Jazzmen that can also play a little soul and Latin rhythms! These are rare traits to find it they did and aim just as excited about meeting them as I am arriving in India! We will blend our unique talents to deliver two evenings of JAZZ baby!!!

How do you see India as a good country for your music?

India instantly seems like a country that understands the magic of Love! All the films (Bollywood such) sing and dance about it! That is what tells me that they will love JAZZ! You can’t deliver jazz unless you know the meanings of Love, Sacrifice, collaborations, respect and honor! I Just have a feeling they will love it!!

Anything exciting for your audience in India to look  forward to?

They know that I am a Jazz singer, but they don’t know how I love to dance!!

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