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Chit Chat with DJ Hamza!

Hamza, a popular House Music Producer and a Record Label Owner for House Music spoke to us about his music, how he developed an interest in this genre, artists he has and will collaborate with and his message to aspiring DJs of this genre.

Tell us about Hamza

  • Music ProducerSince 2009 (Have over 200 tracks released since than on labels from all over the world)
    Dj Since 2006 – started dj’ing in New York City in 2006 while i was a student at NYU studying Music Business
    Started India’s first House Music label Called Wind Horse Records in 2009.
  • Wind Horse AgencyStarted in 2014 – We represent Kali G (Morocco), Manu Idhra (Portugal), Hamza (India), Mr Bista (India), Rajasthan Folkstars (India) and Niel Gomes (India). We also represent many other DJ’s in out label nights that we organize across India
  • Run an Electronic Music blog calledBeats Beyond Borders focusing on House and Techno Music across Asia.
  • RunWind Horse Podcast Series on wind horse records where we release monthly podcasts from local and internationals house dj’s
  • Wind Horse School & Studio in Hyderabad coming up next!!! 

You are not only a Producer but also an owner of a Record Label. How do you multi task?

I multi tasked in the beginning but later I realized that if I spread my energy between performing, composing, running a label, running a podcast, running a blog and programming parties, I will not be able to do anything properly and everything will  be done in a half hearted way. So I decided to invest in people and build my company up by working with other people. This way I can still focus on what I do best which is music production and DJ’ing and as far as the other aspects are concerned like the blog, podcast and events, I have other people who head those divisions and I oversee their strategy and plans. I must tell you I am extremely lucky to have the best team though. They are all like my family and we are really get things moving now all across the globe. Bahaar Kaur runs our Artist Agency. Stalvart John Runs our podcasts. I (Hamza Rahimtula) run the record Label. We have Karthik Sivasankar who is working with us on completing our studio and school in Hyderabad. I am truly blessed to work with such lovely human beings that I respect and admire. We are building a community and there is a lot of love we are pouring into the music scene!!!

Tell us about your music

Deep House, Tech House, World Beats (Africa, Latin, Sufi, Middle Eastern, Jazz, Funk), Techno, Acid House, Minimal House,Jackin House and more weird and crazy combos. Who knows what I will do in the future but I am always looking to create original dance floor moments.

What makes your music production unique?

I make Deep House Music and Tech House Music. My tunes are inspired by World Music where I take influences from Latin Music, Indian Music, Sufi Music, Turkish Music, Afro Music, Jazz Music and Funk Music. The Basic concept of my music is to make music for Deeper Dance Floors which are more organic in their choice of sound and less synthetic and Synth oriented.

I believe in Dance Music that has an optimal balance between organic sounds and electronic elements.

That’s why I love working with live musicians on stage and in the studio. I travel a lot so I sample a lot as well from music that I buy all over the world in small hole in wall stores. What makes my music unique is the fact that I have traveled a lot and have had a lot of exposure to different cultures so i want to share what I have seen and express my inspirations through music.

Which has been your best performance till date and why?

My best performance was at the Dharamshala International Film Festival Last year in Dharamkot in North India. It was so cold and there was water on the stage before our performance. We thought we will get electrocuted and die but people were so amazing that they danced in the cold for 5 hours and it was the most amazing setting ever with Buddhist prayer flags everywhere. Best Moment Ever!

How do you perceive electronic music as a genre in India?

I think there has been lot of progress and there are many talented artists now in India. India will be a leader in the electronic Music Scene in the world very soon. Electronic Music will become like Bollywood and Cricket. The only thing is that Young Indian artists need to travel more to Europe and the States and learn more about the origins and history of house and techno and other genres so they can understand the music in a deeper way. Just watching you tube will not give the full picture. This is one area where I feel we need to grow more. We have lots of talent but the local talent has not discovered the whole spectrum of electronic music. Most have just scratched the surface so lots more learning needed. However I am confident that we will be major players in the global electronic music scene. It is already happening and exciting to ride this wave and be a part of this.

You have not only collaborated with International big names but also Punjabi artists. How do you differentiate both the experiences?

I collaborated with Jasbir Jassi on experimental Punjabi Sufi Deep House Tracks. One of them called Allah Hoo was number 4 in the World Soulful House charts!!! Jasbir Jassi is very open to other genres of music. He is a super performer and extremely spontaneous and a free flowing singer so it was a real treat to work with him and get such a top notch result. I have also collaborated with Yungchen Llhamofrom Tibet who is a famous world music artist signed to real world records which is Peter Gabriel’s Label in the U.K

Do you have any new releases on the cards?

Our Documentary Album Launch is happening in October 2017. We have made a One Hour Documentary of our journey through India and Portugal and documented this through a film and Album. 2017 is a big year for us. Manu Idhra & Marco Oliviera from Portugal and I have partnered up to work this documentary series together.

Your message to aspiring artists

Don’t sell out! Music is an art! You should only make music from the heart and not get stuck into playing and making music you don’t like just to pay your bills. If you make the music you love eventually your bills get paid and people appreciate you for being yourself and contributing in a heartfelt and an authentic way. Music should always be honest from the heart and soul. Never from a practical mind set or to follow a trend.

Also Travel Travel Travel!!! Go to different countries and travel for music to get exposed or else you will live with a limited view.


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