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BFlat is hosting a Children’s Day Special on Sunday, November 13th. The thought behind it is to encourage, celebrate and applaud our children this day, and watch them as they present their musicality/songwriting/performance skills on this occasion. All performers are below 18 years. The line-up has a classic rock band – Fleeting Glimpse; plus several talented vocalists and instrumentalists! The kids will perform popular covers, classic rock hits and even original tunes.
This promises to be an evening of wholesome fun with an audience comprising close friends, family and well wishers. 
Fleeting Glimpse

Fleeting Glimpse is a classic rock band comprising:

Tarang Joseph- lead vocals and piano
Ashwin Sriram – guitar
Siddarth Verma – guitar
Surya Kalyanaraman – bass
Kethan Gupta – drums

The band was  formed in 2012 when these musicians where still in their 7th and 8th grades at school. They have played at several esteemed venues including the Sunday Soul Sante, The Alliance Française de Bangalore’s Fête de la Musique, The BFlat Bar, Indiranagar and Autumn Muse. They have also won various Battle of the Bands competitions in Bangalore. The band name originates from a line in the Pink Floyd song ‘Comfortably Numb’, which is a band favorite. Recently, some of the band members have been inspired by EDM music and the band will present two original tunes based on this.

The Band:

Tarang Joseph, 17, plays classical piano and is influenced by musicians  Freddie Mercury, Billy Joel and the Beatles. He is also a multi-instrumental soloist, playing harmonica, ukulele and acoustic guitar.

Ashwin Sriram, 16, is highly influenced by Pink Floyd and of late even EDM. He has written and composed two EDM songs which the Fleeting Glimpse has woven into their performance. He is also an extremely talented guitarist.

Siddarth Verma, 17, is a multi-instrumentalist and an 8th grade pianist who can play both lead and bass guitar with equal ease. Siddarth is also an avid EDM music lover and composer.

Surya Kalyanaraman, 16,  is a dedicated bass player influenced by new jazz bands  with a very contemporary sound, like Snarky Puppy.

Kethan Gupta, 17, is a Trinity Grade 7 drummer, who is highly influenced by heavy metal and hard rock.

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