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Cher records a Lady Gaga number

In an unquestionably bizarre turn of events, Cher has recorded a song “gifted” to her by Lady Gaga, for her new album.

It is ofcourse, a well documented fact that Lady Gaga is taking over the world ( no really, just google it ). But the Gaga fever is probably at its pitch when Cher decides to record a Gaga song for her new album. 

The contralto meastro has just recorded the new single “The Greatest Thing” penned by Lady Gaga and RedOne, and she is going, well, gaga over Gaga. Allegedly, Mother Monster gifted her the song for her new album, and Cher has been tweeting over it ever since. 

It is dizzying to contemplate Lady Gaga’s meteoric rise to pop-stardom. I mean, the last I heard of Cher, she was adding every award statuette possible to her showcase. The woman practically invented both bell-bottoms and belly buttons. Quentin Tarantino designed a two part movie epic around one of her songs.  And she is self-confessed “little monster” ( that is Gaga fan’s preferred epithet), and Gaga is unquestionably well on her way to world domination.

[youtube_video id=EDbnvpREssE]

The Greatest thing, from the queen of pop and weirdness

Normal parameters of language, sadly, fail to define this, so I’d like to suggest as an alternative: interstellarhowitzeringspaceshuttlingheartburneroverloaded awesome.

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