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Check Out Housefull 2’s latest single – Anarkali Disco Chali

First came Chaiyya Chaiyya, then came Kaal Dhamaal, the heavily-rustic Munni Badnaam followed, and now it is time for Malaika Arora-Khan to sizzle in yet-another item song,  ‘Anarkali Disco Chali’.

Isn’t the name intriguing? Finally, our Anarkali isn’t relegated to being a slave girl. Society – or rather Sajid Khan – is giving her a chance to try and serenade her Prince Saleem at a discotheque.

Personally, I expected this song to fall into my fictitious music genre – Mujra Rock. The other recently released song that, in my opinion, fits in this genre is Dil Mera Muft Ka from Agent Vinod. You can read about that HERE.

Coming back to Anarkali, the song is from Housefull 2 – directed by Sajid Khan. As if a huge, dreamy (!) starcast was not enough, the makers decided to rope in the sizzling Malaika to enthrall their audience with her latkas and jhatkas. Is this because the movie lacks in substance? Too much slapstick?

[youtube_video id=ZGlwjFJExPQ]

Check out Sameer’s lyrics:

‘Arey chhod chhaad ke apne Saleem ki gali
Anarkali disco chali
Arey dekh ke tujhko mujhko
Machi re khalbali
Anarkali disco chali’

Lyrical brilliance, isn’t it?

The song decently opens up with a pretty Malaika clad in Indian traditional wear which is soon ripped off, only to be replaced by a garish silver-sequined dress followed by an ink-blue monstrosity and ending up in a frilly red mess (probably made out of an old rug – or a wig?).

Mother of clichés! Don’t even get me started on Farah Khan’s abysmal choreography.


The music, by itself, is quite disappointing – the same, old predictable boring tune, annoying lyrics and very *blah* vocals by Mamta Sharma (of Munni Badnaam Hui & Tinku Jiya fame). The saving grace, if any, are the tolerable portions sung by Sukhwinder Singh. Funnily enough, the basic beats of the song remind me of It’s Rocking from Kya Love Story Hai.

From the above, I’ve reached just one conclusion. 

Undoubtedly, the song WILL be a HIT. C’mon, it has everything working in its favor to appeal to the masses (read: cat-calling front-benchers) despite lacking Munni’s rustic charms or the sensuousness of Chameli. Face it, Malaika – comparisons will be inevitable. Yet, credit must be given where it’s due. She does look smoldering hot and can still give any other actress a run for her money.

I believe Sajid-Wajid are mediocre musicians, but they deliver crowd-pulling songs – you know, the ones that have ample skin show and are out-and-out *dhinchaak*. But soul-stirring music? Nope – it’s not their cup of tea. Atleast, they haven’t proven their mettle till now. Thankfully, a lack of expectations prevents disappointment.

BUT, I do have a bone to pick with director Sajid Khan.

Sajid, you had everything at your disposal – a fantastic array of performers, a HUGE budget, a respectable production house to back you. Why couldn’t you opt for a better music composer and lyricist? Well, to each his own.

I won’t draw comparisons with the music of Housefull 1 (which had a relatively pleasant score), simply because the official soundtrack of Housefull 2 is yet to be released. Let’s wait and watch and hope for the best. 

Stay tuned to for Housefull 2’s music review.

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