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Captive by Sruthi Dhulipala is an amusing take on all the overthinkers out there: Score Indie Reviews

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Captive, the new single by Sruthi Dhulipala is a light pop melody, with a few layers of Indian classical sounds. The lyrics are charming, innocent, and would be highly relatable to some. Hence, apart from Dhulipala’s breezy vocals, it’s the lyrical aspect that stands out in the track. 

Lines like ‘I set ten alarms and toss into my bed again’, and ‘I close my eyes and wage a war in my head’, might not sound like that fresh but they are still heartwarming and seem to be coming from an honest place. The title is pretty much self-explanatory in this regard as the artist confesses to be a captive of her own emotions and personal fears with the everyday shenanigans of life. The certain optimism that plays along with Dhulipala’s laidback style, adorns the song further. 

To ensure that Captive doesn’t follow a repetitive musical pattern, the song throws in a poetry-filled interlude. Sunayana Kachroo provides the Hindi poetry in a self-retrospective tone, as she recalls conversations that are limited to oneself while walking on the one-sided streets of her town. It’s a bittersweet commentary on how most of us are busy dwelling on our own lives, controlled by our own goals, dreams, trials, and tribulations. There might be several things to achieve in this short life but it’s natural for us to meander off our path every once in a while as our fears hold us captive. 

Verdict: A sweet, charming song on being pulled and held captive by our own emotions.

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